Once Upon A Child West Springfield expanded!

By Katrina Ulasewich publisher of Macaroni KID Westfield-Southwick May 7, 2023

Have you been in Once Upon A Child in West Springfield lately? It grew. It expanded by 50%. It's still in the same place however they knocked down the wall to the store next door and now it is the area of both stores. So now there is so much more stuff. 

My family has always loved this store and it's so nice that they now have so many more options to choose from. Since my oldest was a baby I've gone to the store to sell and buy clothes, toys, and baby equipment. It's always nice to be able to bring them a bin of outgrown clothes, toys that are no longer played with, or baby equipment and use that money towards clothes that currently fit them, new to them toys, or equipment that I presently need. I just got my son a pair of baseball cleats there for $12. If I bought them new they would have been $60 and they would only fit this season so I would much rather spend less. 

While we were there my daughter saw the Zoomer Bunny and really wanted it. Her birthday was coming up so I went back and got it for her. It was her favorite present. I felt much better knowing I only paid $8 for a rabbit that was going to eat paper and poop it all over my floors then if I spent $40 on it.   

There's also 2 dressing rooms now which is really nice.

So, overall it's really nice inside. There's such a huge selection of clothes for all ages of kids, toys, books, baby equipment, shoes, jackets, and much more. If you have not checked it out yet, you should. Whether you want to buy, sell, or both there's things for all ages of kids. There's also a rewards program that's really nice too. You can check out the store hours and more information HERE