Partner with Macaroni KID!

We work with companies big and small to bring digital engagements to life—connecting digital, social media and experiential for ultimate engagement. Why? Because parents don’t just want a product, they want an authentic brand experience.

We are the nation's largest single publishing platform answering the question for families: "What are we doing today?", reaching more than 3,000,000 families in 4,000+ communities nationwide.

Each Macaroni KID local edition is managed by a local publisher - typically, a mom or dad - who is familiar with everything and everyone in their community, hosts events at local parks and libraries, serves as a member of their local Chamber, and is the first to be asked about all things kids and family. It is these authentic, engaged, influential parents who deliver your brand message to other parents in their community.

Our advertising partners’ messages are integrated into our websites, e-newsletters, social media accounts, and at family-focused, experiential events.

Local Publisher Contact: Katrina Ulasewich
Westfield-Southwick, MA