5 Ways to Show Your Appreciation to Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3-7

By Laura L, Publisher Macaroni Kid-Westfield-Southwick April 25, 2021

Let's face it-life is hard for everyone right now.  And no one has had it worse than teachers this year.  Aside from learning an entire new vocabulary (pivot, remote, asynchronous, hybrid, cohort) on the fly, they have been asked to do so much since the pandemic started — learning to teach virtually practically overnight, working hard to keep our children on track in new ways, interacting with families on a much more personal level than they ever imagined and being stuck in the middle of school administrative and teacher union negotiations!  Why not take a minute to show some appreciation during National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3rd-7th, with one of these simple ideas.  

1. A thank-you note

So simple and so easy.  Teachers love to hear what your child has to say from their heart. You can write one too or just send a quick email-thanks for everything you do.  Easy, fast & free! 

2. A gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop

A gift card is always a great gift!  Especially when a teacher is running late in the morning and doesn't have time to grab that cup of coffee or pack a lunch before heading out the door.  Consider a gift card for a place near your child's school to make things extra convenient for the teacher.

3. Items for their classrooms

Whiteboard markers, erasers, scissors, pencils, sharpeners, decorative pieces, hand soap … all will be appreciated. Teachers often spend their own money on school supplies, so this is an opportunity to help them in a practical way that they'll appreciate.  

4. A yummy snack

Ask your child what they see their teacher munching on and get them their favorite treat.  It's always nice to have something comforting tucked inside your desk for an especially stressful day.

5. Make a craft

Teachers love anything handmade from their students-it's the thought that counts.  Check out these easy and teachery craft ideas!

Pencil Vase

Flower Pot of Thanks

Pencil magnets

Teachers appreciate even the tiniest bit of acknowledgment-especially this year! So take a quick minute and try one of these ideas or make your own.  There are even cute printables you can access here to provide you with a thank you letter template, or pinterest-esque gift tags for the school supply, snack, or a coffee gift card ideas!  Check them out! And treat yourself to a little something too-after all-you have been your child's teacher this year as well!