Sweepin it Clean is Cleaning For a Reason

By Laurie Ritrosky, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Westfield-Southwick November 15, 2018

Cleaning For a Reason is a non-profit that connects cancer patients with a local cleaning service to come and clean their house for free. What a wonderful thing, because who needs to be thinking about vacuuming when you are going through treatments?! Cleaning For a Reason has served over 30,000 homes and donated $10 million worth of house cleanings to date!

Sweepin it Clean, based in Southwick, was founded in 2017 by Katie Hillard and Anthony Rhodes. Their goal was to create a way to ease cleaning stress so families can spend more time together.

Katie: "I have been in the cleaning community for over ten years. After the birth of our twins 2 years ago, we decided to open our own business. Our goal is to create free time for busy families like ourselves. We know how important quality family time is and how many nights and weekends are spent cleaning the home instead of spending time with the ones we love." 

When I heard they were involved with Cleaning For a Reason, I had to ask the owner about it. I learned that Katie has her own personal reason.

Katie: "When we heard of the non-profit Cleaning For a Reason, I knew we just had to be a part of such a wonderful cause and wanted to help women in my own community. This really hits home for me. I lost a dear friend to cancer roughly 8 years ago and while she was having visitors in and out of her home, she would be apologizing that her home was a mess! I feel these women are warriors, and we all feel honored to be able to take just one stressor away so they can relax and spend time with friends and family. They have over 2,000 other cleaning companies throughout the country and Canada donating free house cleanings, so even if we cannot service them because they are out of our area, another company can. Cleaning For a Reason has even opened it up to not just women undergoing cancer treatments, but also men and children, which is amazing! I know cancer not only affects the patient but the family as a whole and these people are just delighted to come home after their treatment and RELAX!"

Sometimes it's things like this that we don't even consider and maybe take for granted that make such a big difference in someone's life. What a wonderful way to give back!

After only a short time in business, Sweepin it Clean is now growing with 5-7 employees and provides both residential and commercial cleaning services to Western Mass and the Greater Hartford area. Their cleaning techs are bonded and trained with the #1 training system in the country.

Do you need to ease your cleaning stress? Support a local business that pays it forward! See what services Sweepin it Clean offers and request a quote at:

If you would like to donate to Cleaning For A Reason check out their website for more information:

If you are or know a patient who could use 3 free hours of house cleaning, call 413-992-9790.

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