By Denise Granata, Bradenton, FL Macaroni Kid Publisher March 1, 2018

I have partnered with Dannon Danimals to discuss Danimals Yo-Tubes and Danimals Squeezables. I have been compensated for my time. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

Are your kids finicky when it comes to eating lunches?  Mine too!  That’s why it’s important to make lunch time not only yummy but fun too, but also in a nutritious way.  Danimals is a great accessory to your child’s lunch.  Available in three fun forms - Smoothies, Squeezables and Yo-Tubes - Danimals provides kids the nutrients they need like calcium and vitamin D without any of the "extras" they don't, including artificial flavors and colors and high fructose corn syrup.  It's a win-win with Danimals! 


Why do my kids love Danimals?

* They are delicious!  With flavors like Cotton Candy, Strawberry Explosion, Rockin' Raspberry, Wild Watermelon and Mixed Berry Blast - what's not to love?

* Danimals can be enjoyed in a variety of fun shapes, including a Yo-tube, a Squeezable or a Smoothie Bongo bottle.   

* They are FUN!  The Smoothie Bongo bottles (which are a great size for little hands to hold on to) feature a variety of fun monkey characters, and all of the Squeezables have a joke on the package. As soon as we open the box we have to read all of the jokes before I can put them away.   



Funny, right?


What do I love about Danimals?

* They are a good source of calcium and vitamin D.  There are no artificial flavors or colors and no high fructose corn syrup

* The pouches and tubes can go straight from the freezer right into the lunch bag!  It will be thawed out and ready to eat right in time for lunch!  It's so easy - no more worrying about trying to insulate the lunchboxes or packing it with cold packs.

* Danimals are mess-free and convenient for traveling.  On those busy nights when we come home from school and have to head straight to dance class, these make for an easy on-the-go snack.


Danimals make lunch time fun and you'll be amazed at how your finicky eaters will actually eat!  I was!  As a mom, I know that I don't have a lot of time in the mornings when it comes to packing lunches, but I try to pack some special lunches every once in a while.  Holidays are a great time to surprise your kids with a themed lunch box.  Below are just a few ideas I came up with for a nutritious, fun and creative lunch for some of the upcoming holidays:  


St. Patrick’s Day

  • Whole wheat pasta – dyed green!

  • A “rainbow” of fruits and vegetables – Strawberries (red), Oranges (orange), Pineapple (yellow), Green Apple (green), Blueberries (blue) and Grapes (purple)

  • Cheese cut into lucky four leaf clovers

  • Danimals Squeezable

  • Water bottle


  • Make a fun bunny face sandwich with peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread.  Use cheese to make the face.

  • What do bunnies love to eat?  Carrots of course!  And throw some strawberries in for a serving of fruit.

  • Hardboiled egg - bonus points if you decorate it!

  • Danimals Squeezable

  • Water bottle



  • Transform a turkey, lettuce and tomato sandwich on whole wheat bread into a Halloween character or scary face - a clown for my kids!

  • Draw a jack 'o lantern on an orange

  • Cheese sticks make a great ghost

  • Make some creepy crawly bugs out of their favorite fruits – I made mine out of grapes and blackberries with olives for the eyes

  • Danimals Squeezables

  • Water bottle


Let's face it - kids are nonstop from the moment they wake up until the moment they lay down to sleep.  We as parents need to give them nutritious foods so they will have the fuel they need for their everyday adventures.  Danimals is a great solution!  So when the kids head back to school after the holidays, send them back with a lunch box surprise, plus a Danimals!


For more information on Danimals, including product information, lunchbox and snack ideas and even a coupon, go HERE