It's Okay to Play with Your Food!

A peek into my day with the Jenny Craig Program

By Julie Dikken December 14, 2017

Thank you Jenny Craig for sponsoring this post. Tried other diets? It’s time for Jenny Craig!  

One very important thing I have learned while being a part of the Jenny Craig Program is that it is okay to enjoy your food.  Since portion control is a huge key to my success, I am getting used to the lesser amounts that are on my plate and learning to love and appreciate the food the IS on my plate.  What has surprised me the most is that I am naturally slowing down at mealtime and really tasting my food. By actually tasting, I am starting to appreciate all that is a part of each meal. Because of that, mealtime has become less of "eating to eat" and more focused on family time and nourishing my body with delicious and healthy food.  Jenny had successfully changed my relationship with food!

Now that I am eight weeks into the program, I have started to get creative with my meals. Jenny Craig food is quick to prepare, each one only taking a few minutes to heat. Getting creative with my fresh & free and limited food additions has turned into a fun and tasty experience! Here is a sneak peek into one full day's worth of meals on the Jenny Craig program.

Breakfast: Cheddar Cheese Omelet with Sautéed Vegetables

While my Jenny Craig meal was heating in the microwave, I sautéed fresh mushrooms, onions and tomatoes on the stove. Once done, I plated my omelet, opened it up and loaded it with the sautéed vegetables. I then added the potatoes to the pan and browned them until crispy. I topped everything with a dollop of fat-free greek yogurt and fresh tomato salsa. I finished by adding a few snips of fresh cilantro for even more color and flavor.

Breakfast Snack: Peaches and Vanilla Cream Shake/Smoothie

The Vanilla Cream Shake is good enough enjoy on it's own and its a great on-the-go option. This time, I added some frozen Palisade Peaches left over from summer and blended into a creamy, fruity and super tasty smoothie. The shake filled me up perfectly, so I saved the plate of fruit for later in the day.

Lunch: Chicken Street Nacho Salad

This one took a little more effort, but was so very worth it and has become my favorite meal thus far! I thawed the tacos in the microwave, then removed the filling. I cut the corn tortillas into quarters, then placed them onto a lightly sprayed a cookie sheet and baked them at 400 until crispy. I then sautéed the filling with fresh peppers tomatoes and green onions. I placed a heap full of salad greens in my bowl, added the chips and the filling, then topped it all with fresh tomato salsa and a dollop of fat-free greek yogurt. I could eat this meal every single day, it was so good. 

Afternoon Snack: Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Anytime Bar

No extras needed for this bar of yummy goodness. I love all the Jenny Craig Anytime Bars flavors, but this one is my favorite (at least this week!) The Anytime Bars are the perfect way to grab a quick snack and satisfy my sweet tooth.

Dinner: Spaghetti with Meatballs with Multi Grain Pasta & Carrot Noodles

This was another simple alteration and it made all the difference in the world. I ran a carrot through the spiralizer, steamed in the microwave a few minutes to soften then added to the heated spaghetti. Topped with the meatballs (these are absolutely the tastiest) and some freshly grated parmesan. Served with some steamed cauliflower and broccoli and a green salad with a tablespoon of my favorite low-calorie dressing making this the perfect comfort food meal.

Dessert/Snack: Kettle Corn with Hot Tea 

Jenny Craig is NOT about cutting out our favorites. No need to take out whole food groups to lose weight! Today I enjoyed Jenny Craig's Kettle Corn as my evening snack. Although it isn't my top choice of the Jenny desserts, I do love the sweet saltiness of this treat - and it goes perfectly with a cup of tea. (Want to know my favorite dessert? Check out the Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. I get to have that one later this week!)

There you have it... a day in the life of a Jenny Craig Ambassador. See? No feeling hungry here - there is lots to eat, tons of variety,  countless ways to play with your food and everything is delicious! Ready to give it a try? Check out Jenny Craig's latest offer - click here to find out more!

Although this article was sponsored by Jenny Craig, the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.