10 Nostalgic Stocking Stuffer Ideas from the 90’s

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December 14, 2017

Roll call! Who remembers the 90’s? The Pogs tournaments and Saturday morning Thundercats cartoons? When things were simple and we just passed notes in class rather than snap chats and text messages?

This time of year, I often find myself reminiscing over my favorite holiday memories from my childhood. Images of finding Tamagotchis and slap bracelets in my stocking still fill my head as I shop for the perfect stocking stuffers for my own kids each year. This year, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite items from when I was a kid with my own kids this year and you can, too.

Here’s a list of 10 nostalgic 90’s stocking stuffer ideas:

  1. Wonder Ball
  2. Pokemon Cards
  3. Koosh Ball
  4. Troll Dolls
  5. Tamagotchi
  6. Butterfly Hair Clips
  7. Slap Bracelets
  8. My Little Pony
  9. Power Rangers Action Figures
  10. Lisa Frank Stickers

There’s no doubt that kids these days live in a different world but there’s a little piece of those iconic 90’s memories that is back and even better than I remember. I remember one Christmas morning, in particular. It was the 90’s, my brother and I had snuck down to peek at everything before mom and dad woke up… I remember folding back the stocking and there it was, a Wonder Ball. “What’s a Wonder Ball?” I remember asking my brother, who was too little to understand the mystery and more worried about his Power Rangers... and then I remember finally being able to open it. I remember there being so many fun surprises inside!

If you grew up with Wonder Ball, then you also remember that feeling when you opened the box, unwrapped the foil and cracked open the chocolate ball to reveal a tasty candy tucked inside. Well, guess what... Wonder Ball is back! And that same old feeling is still new - every single time!

When I saw the display at the store I immediately stocked up for my kids’ stockings (and yes, maybe even a couple for myself) and I am so excited to see the look on their face when they find the surprises inside the Wonder Ball.

If you’re new to Wonder Ball, each one comes with delicious milk chocolate, candy and fun surprises. The type of surprise you find depends on the kind of Wonder Ball you’re enjoying. There are so many surprises waiting for you and your little noodles  – different flavors, characters, stickers and even toys! Wonder Balls come in varieties such as Monsters, Super Mario, Disney, and Shopkins. There are even varieties for the holidays – Spiderman, Paw Patrol and Disney!

What else could you ask for? You can find the nostalgic items I have on my list, including Wonder Ball at Amazon, Family Dollar, Five Below, H-E-B, Party City, Rite Aid, Toys R Us, Walgreens and Walmart.