Holiday Recipe with Hood Sour Cream

Pork Chops in Gravy

By Victoria Robillard November 23, 2017

As the weather cools and the leaves change I love to cuddle up in my house by the fire with a warm cozy meal. Like most families, weekdays are filled with dance classes and soccer practice and it is hard to have a nice hearty meal in the little time we have at home before baths and bed. That is why I love this recipe. It is simple and delicious. It is like having a Sunday Meal on a weekday. Even better is a quick and simple meal that you can use for a holiday dinner leaving you more time to spend with family and friends.

Hood Sour Cream, with its high-quality ingredients and creamy texture, takes this dish from a good cozy dinner to one that you can impress your guests with at your next dinner party. 


•    Bone in pork chops (either 2 large or 3 small) 

•    2 TBLS oil 

•    1 large onion chopped

•    1 cup beef broth

•    1/8 tsp of pepper

•    1/3 cup of Hood Sour Cream

•    A few dashes of Worcestershire sauce

•    Milk used for thinning the gravy if needed

1.    Gather ingredients and chop onions
2.    Add oil to a large sauté pan. Place the pork chops in the pan and cook on low heat until browned on both sides (this takes me about 5-8 minutes but can vary depending on pork chop size and cook temperature)
3.    Remove pork chops and set on plate
4.    Add onion to pan and cook until softened
5.    Stir in beef broth and pepper and then add the pork chops back into the pan.
6.     Cover and let simmer for about 6 minutes, flip the pork chops and let simmer for another 6 minutes. The inside should no longer be pink 7.    Remove pork chops and set on plate
8.    In a separate bowl mix the Hood Sour Cream and flour, then add the broth in pan and Worcestershire sauce. Whisk well. Here you can add milk to get the consistency you would like (note: the gravy will thicken a little when returned to the heat)
9.    Return pork chops and gravy to the pan over medium heat until the pork chops are heated up 10.    Plate and enjoy!

*Sometimes I save the left-over gravy and use to go over my eggs in the morning

For more great recipes perfect for the Holidays visit Hood Sour Cream’s website.