Back to School = Back to Germs: Tips on Keeping Your Kids Germ Free

By Zoono August 24, 2017

Back to school time means new teachers, new friends and new exposure to germs. Did you know that American children miss 22 million days of school annually due to colds, flu and other infections?

With this in mind, moms need to be able to separate myths from facts when it comes to school germs to ensure a happier, healthier school year.

Fact: Desks Are Among the Most Germ-Prone Items.
Students spend most of the day at their desks – sneezes, coughs and all – and, in some schools, kids may switch classrooms and share desks with others. At the end of the day, they bring home that cocktail of germs to their families.

Myth: Any Hand Sanitizer Will Do.
According to research from the University of Colorado at Boulder, people carry an average of 3,200 bacteria on their hands.  To make matters worse, the CDC estimates 80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted by hands. While most hand sanitizers kill 99.99% of germs, some only last for a few minutes or until the application dries on the skin. Parents should consider applying hand sanitizers for their children that last throughout the day, such as Zoono’s GermFree24, which is proven to last for 24 hours on skin and won’t wash or sweat off. GermFree24 is available as both a foam and a spray. Bonus points: It’s environmentally friendly and there’s no possibility of the bacteria building up any immunity and creating superbugs!

Fact: Backpacks Carry More Than Just Books.
Backpacks go everywhere and collect various germs throughout the day. Periodically clean backpacks inside and out and make sure lunches and gym clothes are packed in separate bags to avoid cross-contamination of germs.

Myth: Sharing is Always Caring.
Just about every school supply can be a vehicle for harmful bacteria. Arm your kids with their own items, including mechanical pencils to avoid using the classroom’s pencil sharpener, and encourage them to avoid sharing their supplies with classmates.

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