Once Upon A Child: Saving Made Easy

September 21, 2017

Having and caring for children is one of the greatest joys in life. But along with that joy comes responsibility and financial sacrifice. One of the biggest areas of spending comes from clothing, toys, and other equipment which kids grow out of quickly. Once Upon a Child West Springfield (OUAC) provides products and a system to allow you to get much more for much less.

Shopping at malls and outlets will usually cost you hundreds of dollars to cloth your children for just a season, and once they’re done with those clothes you are usually forced to get rid of them all for nothing and buy new ones again for the same large sum. At OUAC where they sell gently used kids stuff for 50-70% off retail you can slash your spending dramatically, and you have the selection of all the top brands, like Gap, Nike, Adidas, Carters, Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, and many many more.


But where you can make even bigger savings is by selling back the gently used things which your children are no longer using. OUAC has a simple system for you to bring in your clothing, toys, equipment, books and other things to receive cash back usually within an hour. All you need to do is freshly launder your clothing, lay it flat in a sturdy container, and OUAC will go through your clothing items and pay you for the things they’d like to purchase from you. The process for selling toys and equipment is easy as well. Just make sure they are clean, assembled, and have all their parts. With OUAC it’s possible to turn your kids’ clothing from an expense into a profit! Save even more when you join the OUAC customer appreciation program and earn points every time you buy or sell for additional discounts.


OUAC also doesn’t disappoint for parents with older children. The store carries up to youth sizes 18/20 and shoes up to size 7 (which some Moms take advantage of also!). And they have loads of fun seasonal items like winter coats, Halloween costumes, Christmas and Easter dresses, and other fun apparel for other holidays and sports teams. You can find great stuff for the whole family and make a huge savings!

Once Upon a Child is located at 1458 Riverdale St., West Springfield, MA. They can be found on the web at or on Facebook or Instagram. If you have questions about buying, selling, or anything else their phone number is 413-209-9675.