National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Toys Review 4

From Uncle Milton Toys

By Laurie Ritrosky, Publisher of Westfield-Southwick MK August 23, 2012
This is the last week of my National Geographic Outdoor Explorer toys review. My kids have certainly had a lot of fun the last 4 weeks exploring, navigating, searching, tagging, observing and playing with these great toys!

Nat Geo Wild Games: We received a Baby Wild Animals Memory Match Game and Four Classic Card Games. Each game features beautiful real-life pictures of animals in the wild. My boys, ages 10 & 14, might be getting a little old for some of these games, but who wouldn't have fun playing the card game 'Crazy Apes?!'

Nat Geo Wild Anteater Bug Vac: (Pictured above.) This had to be my kids' favorite! They spent hours outdoors sucking up bugs. It is a little vacuum shaped like an anteater (so cute!) that gently sucks up bugs without harming them. They can then be observed in a little clear compartment that is easily removed when you are ready to let the bugs go.

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