Great New Apps from Disney Junior

August 9, 2012

And they're FREE!

By: Eric Cohen
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As a Macaroni Kid entrepreneur we spend a lot of time working and a lot of time on the road. And we try to include our kids as much as possible, but sometimes when we are around them we need to get work done and the only way that happens is with a powerful tool to distract them. For our six year old daughter we’ve found some great apps from Disney Junior. Fun for her and guilt free for us.

A few months ago Disney Junior turned us on to Doc McStuffins, which is now a favorite of my daughter. And recently they shared three new Apps, that are not only great, they are free. I was afraid Jake’s Never Land Pirate School would be to “boyish” for my daughter, but she loves it. This iPhone App lets kids create a pirate icon with a pic of their sweet face and then the icon gets to go flying with pixie dust, steer the pirate ship, use a map and spyglass. The instructions are visual and via audio so it’s easy for her to learn without my help (especially appreciated when I’m driving). On a recent road trip to Grandma’s, she was able to pilot the ship, wend though mazes and more while I listened to NPR…road trip bliss.

To be on the safe side, I also downloaded Disney Junior’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally “appisode” for iPad.  The appisode is an interactive story that engages and involves the kids as the story progresses. On the drive, I heard occasional cries of “Ohhh Tooodles” from the backseat that never failed to put a smile on my face. The appisode is  based on an actual episode of the Disney Jr. show, and is the backdrop activities that require tilting, tapping and swiping the iPad, as well as verbally responding to cues and clues…neat! Check out the preview below.

Last but not least, Disney Junior WATCH makes full length episodes of its popular shows available online at and via the Disney Junior WATCH app on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.  So my daughter can watch Doc McStuffins and more of her favorite shows on the go. We thank Disney Junior for their support and allowing us to share these apps with our readers.

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